Antoine Cully

PhD in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


This page presents my publication list.
Abstracts, posters and communications are not listed.

Publication list.

Peer-reviewed international journal articles

A. Cully, J.-B Mouret (2016). Evolving a Behavioral Repertoire for a Walking Robot.
Evolutionary Computation. 24. (1) 33. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press). 10.1162/EVCO_a_00143

A. Cully, J. Clune, D. Tarapore, J.-B Mouret (2015). Robots that can adapt like animals.
Nature. 521. (7553) 503-507. Nature Publishing Group. 10.1038/nature14422
[ pdf | source code | video ]

S. Koos, A. Cully, J.-B Mouret (2013). Fast Damage Recovery in Robotics with the T-Resilience Algorithm.
International Journal of Robotics Research. 32. (14) 1700-1723. SAGE Publications. 10.1177/0278364913499192
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Peer-reviewed international conference papers

D. Tarapore, J. Clune, A. Cully, J.-B Mouret (2016). How Do Different Encodings Influence the Performance of the MAP-Elites Algorithm?.
Proc. of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO). 10.1145/2908812.2908875
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C. Maestre, A. Cully, C. Gonzales, S. Doncieux (2015). Bootstrapping interactions with objects from raw sensorimotor data: a Novelty Search based approach.
Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob). 7-12.
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J.-M Jehanno, A. Cully, C. Grand, J.-B Mouret (2014). Design of a Wheel-Legged Hexapod Robot for Creative Adaptation.
CLAWAR 17th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots. 267-276.
[ pdf ]

A. Cully, J.-B Mouret (2013). Behavioral Repertoire Learning in Robotics.
Proc. of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO). Pages 175-182.
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